There are two kinds of artists:  reporters and creators.  Reporters comment on what they see in the world, what they think of it, what they believe about it.  Creators bring a new vision of life to reality.  What gives either expression its power is the value of the point it makes and the quality it brings to its relationship with its audience.  What I want from art is the classic definition of art as an expression of beauty, and beauty as a reminder of the Divine.  I want to feel better for the experience, to be inspired, to walk away feeling that I've witnessed something deeply relevant I may not even be able to articulate.  In whatever small way, that is what I aspire to offer. 

At its worst, art sends a message that diminishes our humanity and emphasizes the misery of our struggle with life and the human dilemma.  At its best, it awakens something within which transports us to a place of possibility and connects us to the Divine.  Rembrandt, for instance, could paint a withered old man and give us eyes to see a beauty and grace we had not fathomed before, a spirit our mortal eyes had not perceived.

Michelangelo regretted carving his name into the Pieta, saying a work must stand in its own right.  Art is not about the artist and the hand that did the deed.  It is about the creation and the quality that endeavor calls forth into the world.

It is the nature of art that nothing meaningful can be said of it without experiencing it.  It is like the anthropologist telling a New Guinea tribesman about chocolate cake.  It can mean nothing to the man until he tastes it.  Likewise, his enthusiasm can mean nothing to his fellow tribe members until they, too, taste.  If someone doesn't like the chocolate cake, it is simply inconceivable to someone who does.  Art is pretty much the same way.

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